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Beeswax Pouch


Bees Wax infused Food Pouch >>> Sick of using endless amounts of plastic wrap then here is the solution, an eco-friendly, reusable alternative that's perfect for snacks, fruit, veggies, cheese, butter, bread, sandwiches. and. These beeswax pouches also include jojoba oil which is a natural anti-microbial oil and it also adds to the flexibility of the wrap. Different designs available floral vintage or a kiddy friendly design. Wrap pouch measures (18/13cm), ideal for keeping those snacks contained for work or school lunches and easy for little fingers to untie.
Reusable - Bee's Pouch lasts for up to a year with proper care and regular usage, clean between uses with a damp cloth & leave to dry overnight.
These wraps are eco friendly anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Being waterproof they keep the foods natural moisture in while keeping unwanted moisture out.......
*The photo's show themes available (as in modern, vintage or kids designs) if you want something specific please ask as. Due to end of lines they are not always available.
*Sizes may vary from those listed above, they will only ever be bigger than stated as I HATE waste and would rather you get a slightly bigger wrap than bin it ;-)
Please note: Rural delivery please add $3.75 to courier